Yes, abhi its really not safe.
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For instance, Tirthan Valley which had hardly reported any COVID-19 cases uptil now has now been shut down after there had been a rise in the cases. The locals found it better to shut down the valley for tourism purposes and the result is now they are not even able to do their regular day to day work that fetched a small portion of whatever their income was. I would request you all to be considerate towards the mountains (if not the people) and postpone your visits till the situations are somewhat in control. If you are trying to support them, please feel free to buy their products online or doing online bookings for the future. Alot of our favourite homestays/cafes/hostels are selling homemade items and are offering combo packages for you to use. Please be a little sensitive.
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Donot panic so much.. rising cases is normal thing.. you should look upon mortality rate case symptoms are so many and if you have any one of them.. they will say you positive.. for deployment of society even they don't know are you really positive 😆😆
I know i am aware of it,but if you are visiting the border districts of Himalayas like Choukori, munsyari,and by the govt of Uttrakhand is paying inr1000 of one day free😎
Yeah isiliye plan cancel kiya mene bhi
It's totally safe.. and one question I have do you think are you safe at your home... you really thinks you can hide from virus.. it's not a human from which you can hide.. better to face it and develop some antibodies to get protection
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