This view count is completely false.
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Bro,do you feel this views are real?
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The view count is mostly external.. Like if you open google and search for any article.. You could still read it without login.. That is what's happening here and the main reason behind no wishlists and comments..
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I think it's not mandatory that every person who go through your blog will read it completely and they might like it or not ... so comment thing is something beyond expectations in tripoto..
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It's like when you write in 'medium' you get views and reads separately and then there's likes/fans.
Remember one thing, people would only wishlist, IF they think they might need to read your blog again.
Not everyone will read your full bloh, might see all the pictures though
Well Tripoto is not like Instagram or Facebook, where you can give likes etc. Yes one can comment. But its still a mystery why people dont comment. Tripoto should really give a like button. It will help in engagement.
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I don't think that many people actually read, it's just views like if the trip appeared on the screen.
Even I have the same question. why does it all seems fake. one of my blog shows 7.5k views
It's not necessary everyone who is covering it reads it completely
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