Jodhpur itinerary pls

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In Jodhpur You can visit Mehrangarh Fort Jaswant Thada Umed Bhawan Palace Mandore Garden Clock Tower Bishnoi Village Tour
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You could start with exploring these places on day which are 6 to 7 km away from city. Mehrangarh fort Umaid bhawan palace Jaswant tada Khejarla fort and sheesh mahal. Evening you could plan a visit to Balsamand lake, mahamandir temple and enter Sardar market. Next day you could start with Bishnoi village tour, phool mahal, Moti mahal, rai ka baag palace visit and government museum or ranisar padamsar view. Evening you could drive to kaylana lake, masuriya hill garden, Chamunda temple. Besides the above there are spots like Hanwant mahal, Machia bio park, flying fox and toorji ka jhalra. Pali, om banna temple, phalodi, are places around.
Mehrangarh Fort Umaid Bhawan Palace Jaswant Thada Ghanta Ghar Toorji Ka Jhalra Bavdi Gayatri Shaktipeeth Shree Chaumunda Mata Temple Walk To Blue City Heritage Tour Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park Mandore Garden Kaylana Lake Sardar Government Museum Bal Samand Lake Phool Mahal Palace Mahamandir Temple Santoshi Mata Temple Sheesh Palace Flying Fox Jodhpur Machia Safari Park Raas Jodhpur Bishnoi Village Safari Ummed Garden Ranisar Talab Umaid Bhawan Museum Jai Pol Sardar Samand Palace Ganesh Handicrafts Happy journey 🙌
Here is the detailed and organized Jodhpur Itinerary for 3 days -