Missing my canceled roadtrips
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I hope everything goes well soon and you'll make your road tips soon. Till then, stay safe.
I am missing the mountains. I want to be in Himachal or UK like right now!
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Hey, Aman here. Last year, for the first time I had a trip with my friends to Gangtok, Sikkim. I never loved mountains that much but after that trip my perspective was totally changed. The life in mountains are so different from the city life. It's like an another world. I hope everything goes well soon and we'll be free to travel anywhere we wish. Till then, stay safe brother.
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It's famous for architecture of vijayanagara kingdom and all it has mythological connection with Ramayana . If you are a Photographer or a story teller,you will fall in love with that place. I am going to write a blog soon 😊
I've heard much about Hampi but never been there. Can you please tell something more about Hampi. Like what it's famous for?
I am missing Kasar Devi which is small hamlet in Almora district of Uttarakhand. That place is kinda second home to me. And I think that no matter how many times I visit that place it'll always be less for me. The main reason that I miss this place is the tranquility that it offers. You experience a different type of vibe here. Obviously, the main reason behind this is the influence of Van allen Belt which according to NASA is the strong Electromagnetic field of Immense Positive Energy created by Cosmic Rays and Solar Energy which passes through Kasar Devi. Also, the Hippie culture of Peace and the Famous Panoramic view of Himalayas are the other reasons. I mean this is something that cannot be explained in words, this is something you can only feel when you are there.
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It seems interesting. I need to go there soon. I can really understand the connection with the place we called our "Second Home". Like for me, it's Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. I can't explain this city in words, just you've to experience it. I wish soon you'll visit your second home. Till then, stay safe. Regards, Aman
Missing my hikes and climbs in Nepal and India
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I hope everything goes well soon and you'll make such trips back again. Till then, stay safe.
I aΜ€m missing my home town and our family trip to Nepal 😞
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I hope everything goes well soon and soon you'll be back to your hometown and will plan an exciting trip with your family. Till then, stay safe. Regards, Aman
It has to be mountains. McLeod is what I am missing. usually almost every year from past 3 years me and NY friends were traveling there. so I am missing that greenery, when the clouds cover the mountains, cedarwood houses, mountain dogs, small waterfalls and many more reason for McLeod.
Even Rishikesh