I want to connect who have shared good experiance using credit. r u from tripoto?
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No, I saw in some comments in tripoto only that ppl have used credits for trips
Ha ha joking
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U get a discount on an overly priced package by using credits.
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Yes logically and as of now. U never know when can they come up with some special offer.
So logically credits are of no use?
For now, the discounts are not enough to use the credits. Not sure if in future they come up with better deals.
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Different people face different situation dont listen to anyone just do whatever feel so.everyone has different preception
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Depends on you.
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It's not really useful
Just tripoto has share good experiences not the users😅😂
I think that tripoto helps you to build and enhance your skills like write up, photography, vlogs etc but credits are not much worthy.
It depends