It depends on the content, some of them are stuck at 5.5 or 6k since months.
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Buddy Don't b disappointed with less views.. Still u r rocking.. These r fake views..
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Views r fake.. We have genuine members in this tripoto as well and they have updated their insta ID 's too.. U can check with that..
Thanks Mam.
Sorry to say if its fake views then how can we grow on Tripoto with followers and views. really its disappointment.
Sometimes it takes time
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Views are all fake, truelly, here everything is fake
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Actually that views are basically fake didn’t find any algorithms for the views
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Blogs really helps to other to make iternaries and so make your blogs in proper formats so they can directly interact with you to get help
No there are lots of people with whom you can interact but you can’t depends on this only app if you want to earn money this will helps you to growth for instagram and youtube when you interact with peoples regularly in this q&a
So our blogs are useless. No chances to grow with Tripoto. ? If its fake!
Nice blog and good information shared here.
It depends on how much your post deserve 🤣😅