My reason is i started exploring bcz i am going many place due to office work. so i choose that thing also, found great to do it.
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Honest reply
To explore
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Explore places, cultures, beliefs, languages and see how these things are so interrelated over kilometres and from one geographical region to another.
My reason is that stepping out of the house and goin somewhere unknown and knowing about their culture increases my horizon of knowledge practically. It also makes me forget all the worries and stress back home. Also, it allows me to easily adjust to new places and make do when the conditions are not in your favor. Travelling makes me realize that life is so much more than we know it and will ever know!
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Thanks for the expressive thoughts...
I explore to explore myself,to see new people,to understand different aspects and percepectives of one's life ,how thinking changes from person to person,I learn to trust people more and when I am back ,I am more motivated to start my next missions as we all know ,start is most important ❤️