If u ar planning kolkata during pujo.. then first day.. of pujo that is saathi must visit the pandal of North calcutta like mohammad ali park, college street and all next day go for Maddox square with ur friends.. and chill asthami.. have delicious bengali lunch in Ahelai, for any bojhohori manna.. and enjoy the day in any pandal of salt lake fir nabami vist south calcutta and hit a nice cafe by the road side...
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Durga Puja needs no itinerary to be honest but a few tips should be helpful : > Explore on foot . > There are numerous Pandals , from large elaborate ones to ones in the gully too . All of them have a different charm > Divide your days between North and South Kolkata . Both the parts of Calcutta have their own unique Pandals in the Pujos. > Famous spots in South Kolkata are Maddox Square , Ekdaliya , Jodhpur Park :) > Eat as you walk along . There will be so many options to eat in Durgo pujo and its an absolute gastronomical delight
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Durga Puja is Kolkata is a carnival but expect it on a lesser scale this year due to Covid situation. The festival spans for a period of mainly 5 days ( Shosthi, Saptami, Astami, Nabami and Dashami). Astami is the day for the main Puja when everyone flocks to the Pabdals for Pushpanjali in the morning, clad in the best ethnic attire. And Dashami is the day for Idol Immersion at the end of the Puja. You can do either of the two things or try to combine bits and pieces of both in your itinerary. 1. If you have friends or family in Kolkata who celebrates Puja at their homes or housing society, you can spend your time there and will get the most warmth feeling and close association with the entire festival. 2. You can roam around the city for pandal hopping and enjoy the delicacies of Street Food. The whole city stays awake throughout the day and night to witness the grandeur. The pandal hopping can be divided into 2 parts: North Kolkata and South Kolkata and you can take 2 days to cover these 2 broad regions. Plan your transportation in advance and be flexible about your schedule as there's a huge crowd everywhere. Don't forget to witness the Dashami rituals with Sindoor Khela and Dhunuchi Nach to bid a final goodbye to Maa Durga.
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