Hello Jignesh, If you have time you must visit Tapola,its about 28km away from Mahabaleshwar but its worth of visiting and try to stay at Any Agro resorts Kinara resort is one the best,I spent my 31st there and Tapola is also known as Mini Kashmir and if you visit those mountains early in morning you will find it true.
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Sure, I will consider this in my itinerary.
Go for Zostel . Its worth experiencing
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Any hotel within city, centrally located or in crowded area and safe? and of course not very expensive.
Hi Jignesh! Here is a list of the best places Mahabaleshwar: To stay 1. Evershine Resort 2. West Hill 3. Saket Plaza To visit 1. Arthur's Seat 2. Ephinstone Point 3. Pratapgad Fort 4. Lingmala Falls Panchgani: To stay 1. Mount View Heritage Hotel 2. Hotel Mala's 3. Tranquil Treasure To visit 1. Sydney Point 2. Kamalgad Fort 3. Rajpuri Caves 4. Kaas Plateau You can also check out these trips for options on what to do and where to go! Happy Travelling!
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If you are going in group then there many private villas better than hotel
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No, not going in group. can you suggest a good clean & safe hotel .