Yes it would be good to visit Assam in coming December
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Absolutely Sir. Weather will be very pleasant in December. If you are going to Assam, do plan for Meghalaya as well. You will love it. Thanks.
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Yes, it's a good time. Pleasant Winters as soon as you land in Guwahati. Since you are from Bombay , do pack good woolens for this trip. I have lived in Bombay so I know how the idea of Winters is alien to people living there. You can go to Shillong, or go to Arunachal from there. There is a cultural festival called Basar Confluence that is in the first week of December. Don't forget to get your Inner Line Permit from the airport if you plan to visit Arunachal. You can also apply for it online. Cheers!
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Thanks for giving this kind of information
Hi Partha, Visiting Assam in Winter Season Visiting Assam during the winter season (October to March ) would be an ideal time as the weather is comfortable and it is the perfect season to go for sightseeing expedition, cruise and more. This season is the best season and it is also an upbeat holidaying season everywhere. During winters with the temperature between 8 °C to 25 °C, you can holiday in Assam with high spirits. Not only the weather is comfortable but also you can enjoy the remarkable cultural divertissement in the form of festivals. It is during this season you can partake in the maximum number of adventure activities, visit the Brahmaputra River for river cruise, visit national parks and also during late spring, you can see orchids in Lakhimpur, and Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park and stroll amidst its beautiful tea gardens. During winters, Assam witnesses many festivals like Elephant festival and Bihu festival. Besides, a lot of cultural events are also organised during winter, if you visit Assam during the last months of winter then you can certainly be a part of Assam’s biggest annual event ‘Rongali.’ You can take up a river cruise and visit nearby island temples like Peacock Island and visit Umananda Temple. You can also visit the biggest river island in the world Majuli and visit its many in-house attractions like crafts and handlooms etc. You can also be a part of its cultural dance and see the performers enact folk histories through their acts. Assam blossoms during winters with fun activities that take place in Brahmaputra River front along with lots of shopping options and street food. This is a must visit season if you wish to be surrounded by culture, people and lots of fun. You can venture to Assam’s many landmarks like go on a temple run in Sivasagar, feel the thrill in Assam’s many wildlife reserves, witness and be close to the endangered species the Indian one-horned Rhinoceros.
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Thanks for the information. It's really helpful. Now I can make a plan for my Assam winter trip.
Hello, Partha Banerjee December is a good month to visit Assam. You should also take all necessary outing accessories and winter clothes along with you, as Assam is in mountainous region and yo are travelling in the month of December which is a cold month & also month of snowfall you shoul take all necessary gears with you.