There is no direct buses from Chandigarh to Chitkul.. *Below is the summary of the public transport in Kinnaur:* *Part-1: Chandigarh to Rekong Peo* Him mani Semi-deluxe bus 5-50 p.m. from ISBT sector 43, Chandigarh Two other buses at around morning 6-00 and at 1-00 p.m. (Please check exact timing with HRTC by phone or from their website). Himachal buses depart from counter no. 24-28. i.e. counters opposite from passage around HRTC inquiry center. *Part 2: Karchham-Sangla- Rackchham-Chhitkul* Basically one HRTC and two-three private buses operate on the route (to and fro) but I have tried to breakdown the journey destination wise. *Karchham to Sangla/Rackchham/Chhitkul Transport:* The Chandigarh-Peo bus reaches Karchham at around 7-00 or 7-30 A.M. From Karchham, one can catch mandi bus at between 7-00 to 8-00 A.M. Shared jeeps are also available to Sangla. From Sangla, one private bus goes to Rackchham at around 9 or 9-30 A.M. There is one HRTC bus which leaves from Sangla to Rackchham/Chhitkul between 11-00 to 12-00 P.M. and reaches Rackchham at around 1-30 and Chhitkul at around 2-30 p.m. Also, the Chhitkul-Peo-Chhitkul private bus after 1 or 2 p.m. (exact timing not known) *Chhitkul to Rackchham/Batseri Transport:* Private bus at 6-30 a.m. Shared jeeps at around 8-00 a.m. HRTC bus at around 2-30 p.m. *Part 3: Chhitkul to Sangla/Reckong Peo Transport:* Private bus at 6-30 a.m. HRTC bus at around 2-30 p.m. Few shared jeeps may be availed if some villagers are going to Sangla for some work. *Sangla to Reckong Peo Transport:* Two private buses between 7-30 to 8-00 (one originates from Chhitkul and one from Sangla/Rackchham). Mandi bus till Karccham and then bus to peo. More Routes: *Reckong Peo to Chhitkul Transport:* One HRTC bus at 9-30 a.m. and one private bus around 12 p.m. *Reckong Peo to Sangla Transport:* One HRTC bus at 9-30 a.m. and one private bus around 12 p.m. and one more private bus (timing not known). *Reckong peo to Kalpa:* Frequent mini buses (almost every 15 minutes) and shared jeeps. *Reckong peo to Roghi or Kalpa to Roghi:* The Peo-Roghi bus leaves Peo around 3-30 from Peo and it does not come to kalpa mini bus stop. You will have to take a straight road from kalpa mini bus stop which will lead to two diversions opposite to sutluj guest house- the road going straight up goes to Roghi and the road going down is the Peo-kalpa road. Buses coming from Peo can be availed at this point at around 3-50 to 4-15 p.m. – opposite sutluj guest house. *Reckong Peo to Shimla* Many public and private buses till 7 p.m. Last HRTC bus at 7 p.m. (the kaza-shimla bus) *Reckong Peo to Chandigarh:* 4-5 buses including semi-deluxe ones. Important Phone Numbers: H.R.T.C.,Advance Reservation Counter ,ISBT Sector 43, Chandigarh,Tel. Number : 91-172-2668943. Reckong Peo (Kinnaur) tourist centre, Phone: 01786-222897.
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Thanks a ton for this valuable info
You should check out HRTC website. I checked it for you. there is one bus going from Chandigarh to Reckong Peo. Also, I had gone to Chitkul 2 weeks back. You can check my blogs. May be, it will help you in exploring where to stay and where not. Happy Travelling.
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Ok there is an option of catching a semi deluxe bus from chandigarh at 6 which is bound for Rekong Peo. Please opt for this book and not for the ordinary one for the sake of 100 rupees as the ordinary bus will give you one hell of pain. Early in the morning get down at Rakcham near the dam from where you can easily catch a bus bound for Sangla and Chitkul.