The Pavillion Hotel, Royce Villa Nainital and for more hotels details follow check out here -
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Since Christmas season is packed with tourists, i would suggest you to book your hotel in advance. Even a single bed will make you drain a lot of money, here are some suggestions for hotels: 1) Himalaya 2) Alka 3) Vikram vintage 4)Sherwani hilltop 5)Manu Maharani these hotels are quite expensive. Top 5 budget hotels are 1) Tourist Rest house (TRH) there are 2 TRH in the lake city which i guess might be left with few rooms. 2) Lake view 3)Payal 4)Welcome park( preferred). 5) Ayar Jungle camp for further details ..feel free to ask..✌
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Thanks for the detailed information :)
Hotel Himalaya & Hotel Alka