Start at Ahmedabad, take a car and drive through the state (the roads are a dream to travel on). Must-visit places include Adalaj stepwell, Sabarmati Ashram, Dwarka, Somnath, Rann of Kutch and Bhuj.
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Hi Ajita, it is a big state so I'm not sure if it'll be feasible to go around all the places I mentioned on a two-wheeler (as some of the journeys between places may take 5-6 hours). So, a car is preferable if you plan to cover the whole state.
Thank you Anupriya. Would you know if it is easy to rent a two-wheeler instead and ride it in the state?
Ahmedabad, Gir, Somnath, Rann of Kutch.
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Saputara ,mahal hidden beauty,vansda forest,Wilson hill,this all r south Gujarat places ,u can easily get bus from surat
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Do visit Sun temple built on 11th century, it’s in modhera 98 Km from Ahmedabad
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Ok. Thank you :)
If you are in road trip :: statue of unity , Swami Narayanan Temple in Poicha, Vadodara ,Ahemdabaad (Adlaj vov), Rajkot (katiyawadi food) , Junagadh (2 days at least), Girnar, sasangir, shyam Sundar , somnath , dwarka, nageshwar ...end ::Ranostav in Katch
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Junagadh is Mythology , historical , Archeologically rich city. Ashwingiri Gouswami is good guide for whole city 9173992238 , 9904120435
Perfect. Thanks. I'll probably use public transport or 2-wheeler
Kindly confirm from which city of Gujarat u have plann to start travel so that i can provide effective plan. Following are the must visit locations in Gujarat for a Travel Vlogger: In Vadodara: Laxmi Vilas Palace In Ahmedabad: Riverfront Sabarmati Ashram Gandhinagar: Gandhinagar Swaminarayan temple / indroda park / mahatma Mandir / Gift city Statue of unity Modhera sun temple Rani ki vav Balasinor Dainasor fossil park Nal sarovar Lothal archeological site Gir national park -m Marine National Park Dholavira Archeological Site Kutch - magnetic hill & white desert Dwarka - krisna template & Saputara - only hill station
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Day 1: Ahmedabad - Modhera - Rani Ki Vav - Ahmedabad : Day 2 : Ahmedanad - Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctury (Reach in early morning) - River Front - Sabarmati Ashram : Day 3 : Ahmedabad - Vadodara - laxmi Vilas palace - Sayaji gardan, zoo & museum - EME Temple : Day 4 : Vadodara - Statue of Unty - Vadodara : Day 5 : Vadodara - Surat - Dandi Beach (Natiobnal Salt Memorial) - Surat :Day 6-7 : Surat - Saputara Hill Station near Maharastra bordar
Ok Ajita. I am from Ahmedabad only. considering u a Travel vlogger i can insist u as follows: Hire Car for week othwise it's really difficult to complete this. Though road conditions are good but capturing this locations on 2 wheeler or on public transport is not recommended.
Thank you Hardik. I'll most probably start in Ahmedabad, and end somewhere near Maharashtra border.
-Ahmdedabad -Statue of Unity -Rann of Kutch -Dwarka -Somnath and Gir
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Sure, do share the link here if you can once you publish it. Thank you :)
I have posted the Dwarka experience in my blog. Somnath and Gir I will be uploading this week. You can check, hope that will help you in planning up
Hi Ajita! Here is a list of the most popular places to visit in Gujurat: 1. Kutch 2. Gir National Park 3. Somnath 4. Champaner-Pavagadh 5. Porbandar 6. Diu 7. Gandhinagar 8. Laxmi Vilas Palace 9. Rani Ki Vav 10. Dandi Here are some holiday packages you can check out for more detailed itineraries. Happy Travelling!
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Thank you Akanksha :)
All depends on your mode of transport. Winter is the best time to go around the state. I've spent about a year in Gujarat and these are my absolute favourites. 1. Ahmedabad the city in itself has a lot to offer. If you happen to be here for a day or more so try to for a Heritage Walk in the old city area. The walk in itself is good fun ,but the highlight is definately the street food and local cusine you will get to taste. Adalaj Stepwells is another option near Ahmedabad. 2. Sun temple, Modhera and Patan, Rani ki Vav. a quick 2.5 hrs drive away is the queen of Stepwells . Both these can be clubbed into a quick one day visit. 3. Rann of Kutch. (Rann Utsav time specially) the entire Kutch trip can be a one week trip easily if you want to do justice to the area. Start with stopping at Dholavira, exploring the Harappan civilization ruins, spend some time in Bhuj lots to see there too. The white dessert deserves a minimum of one sunset and one sunrise. Mandvi beach is also one of the best beaches in gujarat. 4. The other option for a week long trip is Gir, Somnath, Diu, Dwarka and Porbandar. Gir and Diu are definitely not to be missed. Dwarka and Somnath are among the most beautiful temples I've seen location wise. Right on the beach with the most amazing view.
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Thank you Antara
Dwarka Somnath, Gir Tulsi Shyam Adi Kadi Vaav, Navghar kuo Porbunder Diu Junagadh Above places can be covered if traveling Saurashtra side. If traveling nearby Bharuch/ Baroda then can see statue of unity, Poicha swaminarayan temple Other famous places are Modhera sun temple,
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I guess you have lot's of options now with this much quality responses .... if still not satisfied pm me i will give you good idea...