I had done a backpacking trip to Europe. Greece and Italy for 15 days and I could manege my experiences including flight for just 1 lakh. You should research before visiting the places and find super markets where you get everything cheaper than India. But we were a group of 5 so the express where divided but you can slays travel across Europe cheaply of you have done your homework if you find this answer helpful please leave an upvote to this reply. and you can follow us for more on food accommodation and budget plans
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Please update your experience as well. Good luck.
How many days are you travelling?? You can do it within 1 lac (Depends on your food choices and other lifestyle preferences)
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Any brief breakdown ?
Please do write a full fledged experience after you return i am planning a trip as wel with my partner
1 - 1.5 lac budget would cover it. try to book tickets early to get some extra discount. plan the trip few days ahead of travelling to avoid any last minute extra charges prefer to walk whereever possible