Hey Arpan, I've read about this issue too. Sadly, a lot of Indian travellers are having to face harassment at the hands of immigration officers in Georgia. Over the last two years, there have been several cases of Indian travellers (solo, families, big groups and even students) being rejected entry in spite of having all visa documents in place. I spoke to a few people and read up blogs by travellers, the situation seems really precarious even now. My suggestion to you would be to not take a chance. There's no point spending so much money and then being denied entry at the airport. I suggest you think about other countries such as Turkey, Bulgria, Czech , Hungary or Romania. Happy travels, Saumiabee
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Thanx saumie....what about Armenia !is that will b a good place for couple
Hi Arpan, You should be fine, unless if you are not okay to stand in a different immigration line and be questioned separately and wait for few mins before the border control officer may let you in. Once you are in You will enjoy georgia.
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