During Monsoon season Mountains experience heavy rains nd some time landslides otherwise mountain looks more green and beautiful during this weather.
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Really hoping that mountains be kind to us 🤞
August is called as monsoon month of a Kasol. Though humidity is quite high, with downpours, landslides still it’s one such ideal time to visit, provided you do a weather check. Here are some spots to visit near Delhi in the month of august Udaipur Jaipur Mount Abu Manali Agra Almora Valley of flowers Dharamshala. All these places mentioned above experience monsoons during month of august, kindly do a weather check before travelling.
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I have covered major rajasthan in the past year , also I have limited days to travel this time so valley of flowers is not possible, as far as Almora is concerned been there 2 years ago
Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan is so beautiful with a trak to kumbhalgarh fort which was never concurred by any of the British or Mugal emperors
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Already been there but thanks ☺️
Avoid mountains during monsoon season.. near Delhi you can go to rishikesh as there is less risk of land sliding and all. other than this you can visit Rajasthan (jodhpur,bikaner or Jaipur) one more option is madhya pradesh
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I hail from jodhpur and have already covered while rajasthan, thanks for the concern ☺️
Same I'm also planning ping me 9387362262