This city is full of hostels, hippy & very affordable. Some of the nice hostels here are Hipostel, Zostel, The Wayfarers, The Hosteller. Prices for most of the hostels here are really cheap & would usually cost around 250-400 per head per night. On the travelling front, make sure you do the famous river rafting here, river rafting cost 500 bucks per head for a good 2hr 30mins 16kms stretch & 250 per head for a 8 people raft (total 2k) for GoPro recording of the rafting. If your trip is well planned in advanced, then try the Bungee jumping which requires around 7 days of advance booking & it will cost around 3800 INR, but it's worth every penny. One day you can dedicate to trying out numerous book cafes & other cafes here in the city. Don't miss out on Beatles cafe.
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If you specifically want to stay in hostel then stay in Mustache. Amazing ambience, decent rooms with ac 300₹ they charge 500₹ for 16km river rafting.
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Dont forget to do river rafting
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I stayed at Bunk Stay and it was very good. Alternatively, I’ve heard Zostel is nice too
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Hey ajay, contact him, sunil - 6397769856
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