Despite being the second-smallest state in America, Wilmington has a lot to offer. Because of its tourism attractions, this location, which is close to the Christina River, is a favorite vacation for residents of Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York City. These activities are the most popular ones in Wilmington. View the Scenery and Grab a Bite on the Riverwalk The 1.75-mile-long river walk in Wilmington runs along the Christina River's bank. You may spend the full day in this location because to the path's abundance of side eateries and the opportunity to take in the city scenery while strolling. The most popular restaurant among these is Big Fish Grill. Enjoy the Other Half Live at Nemours Estate One of the distinctive homes in this Wilmington region is Nemours Estate. Alfred I. DuPont, an industrialist, originally resided at this 200-acre historic mansion, which is one of the estates in the neighborhood.