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I am assuming your starting point to be Delhi.. take government bus from delhi to either rudraprayadg or rishikesh...either way you gotta reach rudraprayag... from there you gotta change the bus and board the one which will take you to Chopta. you could stay either at chopta or are reasonable and food is easily available..If weather is clear and you are staying at tunganath you would be able to look at the beautifull sunrise. if not then chandrashila trekk takes around 3-5 hours depending on your spee (just to climb).
This is my friend's trip detail..i am sharing with you... Tungnath Temple, Chopta , UK. My Itinerary for Deoria Tal and Tungnath Temple Trek Day1- 21 March 2019 Noida - ISBT Delhi (cab , metro don't operate for first half on holi) Delhi - Rishikesh Up Roadways Janrath (bus 8 am - 12 pm) Lodging Rishikesh -1006 Transport bus + cab - 479+355 food +juice 30+220 + 30 Day2 -22 March 2019 Rishikesh - Rudraprayag (bus 3.30 am - 9.15 am) Rudraprayag - Ukimath (cab 9.40 am - 12.10pm) Ukimath - Sari (cab 3.30pm - 4.10pm) Trek Sari to Deoria Tal 2.3km and back to Sari(4.15 pm 5.20pm - 5.50pm 6.45pm) Lodging Sari - 800 Transport bus + cab - 200+100+100 Food - 20+25+70+5+40+10 Washroom 5 Day3 -23 March 2019 Sari - Chopta ( cab 19km) Trek Chopta to Tungnath temple 4.5km(9.30am 12.50pm- 1.15 pm 3.15 pm) and Chandrashila is another 1.5km Chopta - Rudraprayag ( cab 3.30 -5.30pm) Lodging Rudraprayag 300 Food-40 + 25+40+80+190+40 Transport cab+ cab - 150 +150 medicine 54 Day4 -24 March 2019 Rudraprayag - Rishikesh (bus 6 am - 12 .30pm) Rishikesh- ISBT Delhi (bus1 pm - 9.30pm , ideally it takes only 5 hours ) Transport bus + auto + metro 200+290+50 +27 food-110 P.S changes in itinerary Stay in tent in Deoria Tal and stay in Chopta and start next day .Phone network of Vodaphone was available in sari, at some places in deoria tal and chopta.The frequency of buses and cabs is low from ukimath to sari and chopta as of now. Important things to carry 1)sunscreen 2)cash 3)gooding trekking shoe 4)trekking pole 5)warm clothes and cap 6)medical first aid kit 7)extra pair of socks /clothes/slipper/shoe as they may get wet while trekking 8)zipper bag to keep your wet clothes 9)separate small bag to keep water bottle and food while you trek as no shops will be opened during the trek as of now 10)inform your friends and family before going and be responsible traveller and don't throw trash. Happy Travelling!