Hi Nupur, My name is Shubham and I would like to answer this for you.. First of all add any page and then click on the photo icon.Once done try writing the text. If you write the text first and then add the photo it will always show at the bottom. Please try adding the photos first and then the writing part. Do let me know if you face any issues.
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Hi Shubham, whenever i am writting any blog, i can see photos option in my phone and when i click on photos, it is showing cancel on upper left side and done option in uper right side. Hence i cannot see any other option wherein i can choose only favourite pictures to upload
Did it work for you ?
There is a plus sign (symbolizing add) - when u click on it.. You get options like photo, Instagram, video, etc.. Choose the photo option and add picture from your mobile or laptop.. Similarly, in between texts you can click enter and see the add option (plus sign). Hope this helps
Whenever you write something there is always a plus sign that pops out in order to upload pictures. So for example if you want to upload a picture after a paragraph ends you just need to click on that plus sign after the paragraph ends. Secondly if you want to upload full size picture you can just edit your picture in photoshop by adjusting it pixels.. Thanks
It's happened to everyone in tripoto so don't worry tripoto still need to upgrade with the quality of posted photos