Tirunelveli - the Nellai Town 1. Name itself gives the first and best thing to Visit. Yeah, the amazing Nellaiappar Temple. 2. Next thing is just waiting outside the temple door. Taste the Delicious Hot Iruttu Kadai Halwa served in plantain leaf (Timings - Evening 4pm - 7pm). Don't forget to pack some :P 3.Take a tour of Tirunelveli town and visit the river bank of Thamirabarani. 4. Visit Courtallam Falls for nature retreat and fill your tummy at famous Parotta shop (Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai) 5. Visit Papanasam to enjoy serenity of nature. Drive to Karayar dam and enjoy some leisure time at SoriMuthu Ayyanar temple Riverbank (Upper river bank of Agastiyar falls) 6. ManiMuthaar Dam and Waterfalls.