Hello aayush I was very excited to visit this place, since i had read lot of stories on internet and this place is rated as the most haunted place in India, but my excitement ended as soon as i landed this place. i don't agree completely with the myth about this place. First there are mainly ruins of the town that existed at the time it was capital of Madho singh (Brother of Man Singh, Raja of Jaipur) and not much structure of fort is left now. Second there is no GHOST here ! Stories might have been cooked up, i am not sure. Place looks beautiful in rainy season as it it surrounded by mountains on three sides and you will witness lots of greenery. Since i have seen almost all forts in rajasthan i wont rate this fort much but if are coming Jaipur and don't have time to visit Jodhpur Jaisalmer and Udaipur, you must visit this place else you can just skip it. Basically there are two routes from Jaipur. One is via NH11 and other via SH55. It is around 80km from Jaipur. Ride is bumpy via SH but fun. There is no accommodation or restaurant in the vicinity of fort.I hope this info would be helpful !
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Hi Aayush, Bhangarh Fort is home to a host of spine-chilling legends and myths. The two most renowned legends are that of princess Ratnavati and the Satanist Singhia who fell in love with her and of Guru Balu Naths curse. The place can only be visited between sunrise and sundown. It is illegal to stay there post sunset. There is no electricity in Bhangarh which gives it a spooky look and feel post sundown. Scientists and archaeologists haven't been able to find anything 'haunted' about the place. Some adventurous souls who trespassed and spent nights there have reported paranormal activities. So, nothing can be said for sure. Some things are better shrouded in mystery.
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Bhangarh in actuality is a ruined archaeological site with many folklores running around. It seems to be gaining some commercial mileage now a days as buses full of tourists visit this place to feel the spookiness. 2/3 temples dont have any idols in it and you can see monkeys, deers or langurs running around the ruins always. Beautiful architecture i must say in the 3 temples and a must visit too but i dont think any wise and able minded person would like to visit this place in dark night when you are at risk of facing leopards, hyenas or even wolves all through the way and with the worst possible roads going up & down the hills - i wouldnt like to go even if there is something spooky or not.
It's a mythological story. It's not haunted.