The Tripoto committee will review it first and then publish offically..wait for it
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Ok . Thanks.
Hi Purusottam, Hope you are doing good. Story and trip publishing is different. To publish a trip go to "Publish Trip" on your profile, simply writing a review would show the count as 0 only. Please hit upvote if this helps. Thanks, Radhika.
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Hi Radhika , thanks for the reply. No. what I am saying here is I have published my blog recently. So published count is showing 1. But below to that it's showing 0 trips also. What I believe it should be 1 trip.
There are 2 different things for the trip and story , only publish story will.not count in the trip . If you wanna publish trip then need to go " Publish trip" tab thats why in publish trip is '0'.
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It should not behave like this maybe it will take sometime, still not then you can write a mail to
But that's what I did. The navigation I followed while writing my blog. Publish Trip-->Create New--> Publish.
Yea because your story published but not trip. If you posted a story then trip count will not increase , for trip count you need to post a trip in "Publish Trip " Section only then it will show increase in trips.
Hi Arpit. Thanks for the reply. But it's showing as below. Published count is showing 1. That' fine. But below to that , its showing 0 Trips. You published a trip 0 Trips
I think you should write
Publishing trip and story are two different things. You can write to for further clarification
Dear fellow traveler, it takes time (2-3 days) to your trip to get published. You will receive an e-mail from Tripoto when your trip got published and how much amount of credits you awarded for your blog/trip, Only after that people will able to search your blog/trip and the numbers of your trip will also updated from 0 to 1.