Conditions are detoriating everyday.Travel is always a pleasure,a free air to mind,soul. don't know, how it would be when we are afraid of pandemic and travelling.god knows,will it be new will we cope with that.
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Just getting an feedback of various travellers, as everyone is afraid of this pandemic. stay home stay safe, we will travel for tomorrow with new resolutions in our daily lives
We need to be carefull and stay as much possible at home. big no no for travel now.can be done next yr if we remain healthy.
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Yes we have to follow the new rules to travel and pretend as new normal
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Exactly and bit of change in our daily lives
Yes, I do. We need to be more alert now.
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Exactly, Appreciated your answer :)
Somehow but we have to live our life full with precautions
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Priority should be health always. Then we'll learn the actual situation of pandemic. I'm thinking about this sector, many unemployed here in Himachal and also from nature point of view, I see rebirth. but not feels same like me. I think we earn from the nature and places. So it's time for payoff
According to me I guess the tourist travel should be curbed until the pandemic ends. But yes the unavoidable travel trips should be surely allowed with all the necessary safety measures.
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Exactly for sometime wherever we are we will be safe there. Everything's gonna be alright later or sooner.
We suould take our lessons for sure
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