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Went to my first ever trip to Kashmir with him, could never forget that experience.
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I usually travel with dad twice a year but memorial one as we had been to goa and i take him on ride to all the goan beaches from north to south to get out of misconception about goa as i travel goa every 2years as a brahmin our families is against drink even i never drink still they think i travel goa for party and all but when i took him on and around which places i like the most and where i stay he changed and he started to loves goa.after that trip he visited goa twice
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Hehe yes for some places where you really love to travel but that place has some bad misconceptions then you have to convince them actually they never mind as i had been to goa 7-8time before that trip but they always think there are no veg restaurants,bar is connected with restaurants even they vis
Woah!! mere bhai❤️
CONVINCING game spot on!
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My father took me to Jaipur on my 20th birthday last year, and needless to say its one of my best trip ever filled with beautiful memories and stories. Starting the trip with Pushkar fair we traced routes all along the roads map of Ajmer, Hawa Mahal and other forts and palaces there. I'm forever indebted to the local driver we got, for being such a beautiful human enriching our travel days with city histories, food stop shops,laughters and helping us explore the city corners and market areas.The evening sunsets, cycle rickshaws,food hunting,bargaining voices and city colours are still vivid clear for me.Gave a perfect wrap for our 4 day trip visiting India's most haunted fort, Bhangarh. Jaipur has enriched me with fascinating stories tucked in every city corners.Both 'Jaipur' and that trip has turned me contented and rich. Rich with stories to tell. The Pink painted city has got a part of my heart always. <3
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Waiting for your blogs and pictures
I guess you have got lot to share about Jaipur!! ❤️
Hi, i had very few chances to travel with my father. but i do remember the trip we went to diu.
Lost him too soon
We didn't go on a trip specifically for Father’s Day but we usually travel together as a family. I remember once when I was about 10, we were traveling to Delhi to meet my mother who was visiting her parents. As the flight was delayed, we were at the airport for quite a long time and my father left no stone unturned to make us feel comfortable. He also played games with us. And once we landed in Delhi, he took us to all the tourist attractions. And even after years, he always makes sure we enjoy our trips. Although now we don’t usually go to the same tourist places as we mostly visit malls and cafes but we make sure to go to India Gate together. I remember running around the gardens and playing together as my father watched me and my siblings while doing his work. Although I personally don’t believe in the concept of Father’s Day. This is because as Indians, we celebrate him every day. But I also think, there’s nothing wrong in making him feel extra special on this particular day. If you want to make your dad feel special, you can give him the gift of travel. And to help you do this on a budget, Indian Eagle is offering a special discount. Know more about it here: #FathersDay #FathersDayGiftIdeas #FathersDaySpecial