Hi Satvir, follow the instructions given in the attached article to travel for less Rs. 4,000 per day. You can also refer to the following page for more information:
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Yaa i read it earlier..thanks
Check Germany packages
Hi Satvir, Next to Germany, there aren't many nations that differ from North America. When you first stroll through German streets, you'll think you're in Canada. You will feel Canadian after an hour spent in these ancient towns. Few businesses take card payments, and not all traders use plastic. If a shop accepts only cash, it is preferable that you have cash on you when you enter. There are no notices posted in the shop about this, either. You should be aware of that reality in today's society. Be aware that there are no opportunities on this side of the boundary. On Sundays, a lot of locals travel to the Netherlands to shop. You will find it convenient that tiny towns and lots of shops are situated close to the border. This encourages Germans to spend money. In Germany, going shopping on Saturdays will be a fantasy come true. Furthermore, Saturdays are not suitable for picnics in the Netherlands. This is the reason I buy online before picking up my child from school. I am grateful for my infant's safe arrival during that special 2-3 PM window at the grocery store.