Suggest Some Historical, Offbeat Places, Preferbly in Southern India to cover in a 7-8 day trip, with Mother

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Shuka vana 2km away from Mysore which is a parrot park. Jaganmohan palace oldest palace of Mysore Bangalore palace 3km away from Bangalore city Devanahalli fort Bangalore residence of Tipu sultan Konda reddy fort Kurnool Vijayanagar empire Ahobilam temple dedicated to Lord Narasimhar Purani haveli Hyderabad Sudha car museum Hyderabad Shakthan thampuran palace Thrissur Heritage garden Thrissur Mananchira square Kozhikode Pazhassiraja museum Kozhikode Alamparai fort Chennai Mahabalipuram Sculpture museum Mahabalipuram Vijayanagar fort Thanjavur Saraswathi mahal library Thanjavur
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