Mussoorie. The good thing being I could get up early and not rely on anyone to get that 1st look of sun in the morning coz on all the trips, i had some lazy frnds with me who would not get u[. Being solo really opened up experiences and will do that again. The bad part being you are on your own in the journey, I had a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere and there was nobody around. With friends around, you can get a little help with the towing n all.
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Haha..see solo made it happen eventually!
Bro i was the guy when i am with friends i never get up early but when i started travel solo i never miss sunrise and even we sleep at around 4-5 in the morning
Bangalore after 12th for exam. its full fun.. tried first beer of life and experiance the world closely from my eyes.
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Haha damn that how can you enjoy your drink when you alone. i never had drink but many of travel guys always say never ever drink alone
Nothing wrong with first or anyother solo trip but i can share experience from my last solo so i can answer your questions Pros: 1.I felt a snow in my hand. 2.First time i went to himachal pradesh. 3.I completed one of my bucketlist paragliding. 4.I have been to flight after 15years as i got a great deal. 5.I met a good travel freelancers from whom i get a really inspire. 6.Himalayan peoples are so kind and very helpfuland always smiling they really cares about people around as i lost in dharamshala at around 2am n got a help for stay 7.i m in love for food. cons 1.As i planned to get a flight as i got it as cheap to save time but initially it takes the same time if i travel from a train so just check the timming which matters a lot to travel in himachal you always have to travel at night so you can reach out early in the morning as it took me around 17hours from delhi to dharamshala i look a last train last bus n when i reach dharamshala everyone was sleeping no one is there even googlemaps lost me to unknown place somehow i found good shop person who was going to close his shop and ask me to help for stay at his place. 2.i asked many for triund trek in winter but everyone told me its open and good to go but when i reached the place it was closed they told me about it was heavy snowfall 2days before and mostly closed on winters. i decide to go bir billing early even it took a half a day to reach when you check the approx timmings to reach is aroudn 3-4hours but it almost took me twice no rain or snowfall still i had to change bus n all has no direct bus. 4.always check your hostel offers if you had passport then check expiration date my zostel passport expired day before. 5.when i reach bir it gets heavy rainfall for almost one and half day i just had stay at hostel 6.don’t take too much luggage when you travelling solo as i went to himachal for a first time so i took almost 2bags with 17kgs for my 5days trip. a last i said about luggage i litterally regret to take all the luggage along with me that i got a injury in my knee ligaments while travelling in bus. 8.always carry a cash while travelling to himachal as no paytm and work all mates from hostel just came with digital cash i spent all my cash to them and at last when i want i didn’t get any till delhi as no atm machines nearly and bank was closed for 3days as lohri festival was there. 9.ready your camera bag day before you leave i took a dslr with 3lenses even borrowed from friend but forgot to carry batteries and charger. so just note down a few points where you travel so you can’t get any difficulties when you travelling solo before this trip i had many solo trip to jaipur,pushkar,goa,lonavala,udaipur,rishikesh and never faced any difficulties as tragedy happens in this it was a last moment trip as i got a great deal for flight vadodara to delhi return ticked just for 3800.i love to travel by train but didn’t get that much holidays from work but it took same time so from next time will always prefer train. hope you guys like this,very long awnser i know no one is going to read all this but when i saw a question i thought to write it down after a long days as got little bit fever for few days but didn’t get covid so relieved.
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Yes on process making two different trips for mcleodgunj and bir-billing
Post this answer as a trip bro!!
Chopta, an experience that I would never forget. On the way to Auli, convinced my family to stay in Ukimath a day before reaching Auli so that I can wake up early and go for chandrshilla/ tugnath trek in Chopta. The very next morning, woke up early af, reached chopta got some soldier boots on rent from there itself, and started my trek. It was not more than 2 hours when I got to know that some experienced hikers are heading back due to frost and the route was slippery like hell and shortcuts was not a chance when heading alone. Got a suggestion I should head back too, but still I didnt look back maybe I was dumb or way too excited like a kid. After a while, my phone turned off and I could see very few people along who were struggling to walk. There was this one turn I can still visualise it exactly. It was all covered with shining ice and my shoes were just not right to go over them. I tried many times, but failed. The last time when I lost my hope was when I skid my way back to the rock which saved me from skidding in the valley down. That moment just vandalized all my efforts I took to come here. I had to go back as it was just not apt to go in that weather. But I managed to get clicked from a guy I became friends with, who was from Darjeeling on my way. Therefore, I'm still curious to witness the beautiful peak which I am surely planning to see. Hope you find your good and bad in my story. thanks for your read.
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My first solo trip was in Madrid and I completely fell in love with the city. When I travel I tend to focus more on the culture that's why I visited all the museums in the city, but I also wanted to try Spanish food like tapas with sangria and it tastes sooo good! I even booked a rooftop tour which was amazing with the following company that I highly recommend you, very professional and friendly staff ! ( I also visited the parks and went on a day trip to Toledo, amazing city too!
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Shimla. Mom had to go to punjab with dad. I was coming back from office so instead of getting down at rajiv chowk by mistake i reached kashmeere gate. All of a sudden it struck to me that i can take a bus and go anywhere as no one is at home. I went to the stand and decided to take the very first bus and it was going to simla. So i took that, and with an overnight journey reached Shimla :) Nothing negative, was there for just one day saw the jakhu temple and mall road came back from the last bus same day to delhi. Damn memorable. Isnt it ??
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Delhi and mumbai guys have very great palces to visit by overnight journey
Loved it in Manali...trekk, adventure, mountains, life, everything...loved everything about it...learned a lot about myself
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Goa. Its love! It was all good, meeting new people, coming out of my confort zone, no one to judge, live like a hippie, groove like a hippie, score like a hippie There were few learnings, like not telling eveyone that you are alone, especially if you are in late night party
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Oh! Never had an opportunity for a solo trip.:( Hoping for one real soon once this pandemic is over.
Solotrip is independent for tension, no much more fun but it's a funnless trip...There is no friends to share food, masti & fun...I think, solo trip is not bad but not best option for travel..