Hello Gaurav, The same question was asked on Quora as well and was answered as accurately as possible. Here is a link to that: Hope this helps! Don't forget to share your experience with us here on Tripoto.We'd love to read about it. Safe travels! :)
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Thanks Aditi. I just went through the link, though it's pretty old, but guess the basics would still be the same. rest assured, I will be sharing my experiences here, from now on. and you will be seeing lots of posts and blogs from me. and hopefully they will be practical and worthwhile for every
I recently visited Thailand and did the same analysis what you are asking for. The best optimal way is to carry the least amount of Thai Bhat from India and then get the rest of money taken transacted out from ATM in Thailand. The reason of why I am saying this is because here you will have to get your currency exchanged at a rate larger that the actual rate. But there you will have to give a fixed amount of 220Bhat per transaction. So whatever the amount be you will end up giving a fixed price. Example: We 5 people exchanged 50K INR to Thai Bhat at the rate of around Rs.2.31 per Bhat whereas the actual rate was Rs.2.9 per Bhat and then took around 50K Bhat from AMT for which I had to give only 220Bhat extra. Do checkout my post on my visit to Thailand if you need some ideas for the places to visit. Discovering the least discovered in Thailand -
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Always happy to help, Gaurav :)
Thanks, for your first hand input. appreciated
Yeah but then also we were in a better state than we would have been if we had converted all the money from India. Also you take out money from ATM according to requirement. So you wouldn't end up having enough Thai bhat at the end of your trip. Which again saves your conversion charges of Thai Bhat
What you say makes sense, but, am sure even your bank would have charged forex conversion rate, apart from the transaction charge.
Carry USD. Convert limited USD's into THB. If you run out of them, convert limited USD's again or use your Credit/Debit card for purchases. USD is a currency with which if you are left with, it is still valuable. But if you are left with too many THB's on your return, there is no value of them in India unless you plan another trip to Thailand in upcoming times.
Carry USD.
Carrying USD in any of the country is much convenient to exchange, you always get good rates for USD. You can exchange INR conveniently over there as Thailand has a lot of Indian tourist coming every year. You'll get better rates in India.
Carry USD , also beware of issues with credit card usage in atm or hotel for pay. as fraud things happen i wsa victim lost 29k through online transaction, luckily reported in time and got back money.
Hey, you can carry usd as you will get better rate there for USD.
Not sure check out in google