Or should i have to pay extra for one person if i am like visiting with someone?
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I think only 1 person
Rajneesh ... usually it happens this way .... I had been given a couple stays once in August and last year in a home stay .. Now they are giving away stay coupons freely for single person who has redeemed his credits ... you can check with tripoto guys Prateek Dham or Himani Khatreja, they would help you out ... Or else if you have already got a mail confirmation, speak once with the property guys and ask for a couple room ...
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Only 1 person
Hey Rajneesh! Since the credits are earned only by you, thus only you can take its advantage. No other person can travel with you on that redeemed credits for a hotel stay/trip.
Yes there are many twin sharing packages that you can redeem by paying extra amount for the second person at discounted rate.
Only for you until and unless you pay for another persons whole itinerary