Still can't go.. Right
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It's not about Lockdown, it's a serious Pandemic. Better we should travel after the end of this crisis.
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You are right man. #StayHome #StaySafe
I had a plan for Bhutan trip for a week in the month of April. However , couldn't make it due to lockdown. From June Bhutan onwards, the travel policy would be changed and they would be charging 1800₹ every day to every Indian tourist, as per the lastest update. So, I might fly to Indonesia after the lockdown.
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Have a secure and best happy journey. Best wishes
Lockdown is yet to be over . Take some more time before traveling.. Stay safe..
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Stay safe
Lockdown will take a bit longer to get over.
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Stay home Stay Safe
Will lockdown over!? because matters are increasing day by day. I don't think it will over for now.
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No lockdown will not over soon,one of the senior doctor from AIIMS Delhi said cases will be at their peek in June and July. be safe
No please lockdown is not over yet,cases will going to be increased by June n July. please avoid travelling.
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Stay safe Stay home