You will have to apply for schengen visa. which costs nearly about 6000₹ per person. Book your flights 1 month advance atleast. All the flights will cost you around 50K (round trip). Aeroflot is nearly cheap in this case. Euro is expensive However you can survive there with even the least you have. I stayed there for 2 weeks and staying there and food and travel fare tickets cumulatively cost me around 70000. The amount can vary depending upon the food or hotel you prefer. I had my entire trip finish in 15 - 16 days. I wandered the entire Baveria state and it cost me around 1.5 Lac per person. (Shopping included :P)
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Thnxx Buddy
Do not visit in the month of december to february. It snows heavily. The temperature is even bearable but roaming around can become a big task. do not take cabs if you are free on luggage. there are first class bus and train services available saving a lot of money and is very convenient. I had 2 luggage and it was pretty comfortable for me.
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#Berlin - the best time to visit is in the spring- April ... awesome weather...
Hi Imran, You can see below the est Tripoto packages for Berlin. Please click on the card below, fill the form and someone will get in touch with you. Thanks!