I donot agree completely.manali is still a hit but kasol has come to the level of manali and became an instant hit for new generation travellers. Same thing happen with shimla has became a 2 night vacation spot from 5-6 days.
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Vo sab bhole ke bhakat he
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Mota bhai kem cho? majama? su chalu che?
I would still prefer Manali's vibe over Kasol's.... Old Manali to be precise.
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North east instead of uk
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Thank you friend
Solid boss,true love.
Manali is hit by heavy traffic always
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Everyone says Manali is touristy, I dont think so. Try doing non-touristy things. Eating in locals home, explore lanes on foot, buy local handmade items, get to know stories of people there. Tourist is a mindset not a way of experiencing.
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Forever Manali person
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Vaw Wt a nice pic
I prefer Manali. It has several tourist spots and better tourism infra compared to Kasol