The journey through silk route itself is a beautiful experience. It offers great views as you move along, more than any specific places to see. For 5d/4n you can plan as follows: D1: NJP to Icche Gaon. Overnight stay at Icche Gaon D2: Icche Gaon to Zuluk. Overnight stay at Zuluk D3: Zuluk to Nathang. Overnight stay at Nathang D4: Nathang to Gangtok. Overnight stay at Gangtok D5: Gangtok to NJP Now as you will be travelling in Feb, there are few catches, as the roads from Nathang onwards may be blocked/closed due to snow. Also there is an issue of getting permit near the Nathula pass. If you are unable to proceed towards Gangtok, you can modify the itinerary as below. D4: Nathang to Aritar. Overnight stay at Aritar D5: Aritar to NJP Here are few places to see along Silk Route: Thambi view point near Zuluk Lungthang Kalipokhri Lake Old Baba Mandir Elephant Lake Changu Lake (if you proceed towards Gangtok) Places to stay: In silk route don't expect to get high end hotels. Accommodation is mostly in homestays, specially in Zuluk and Nathang you will only get homestays. At Zuluk try to get rooms at Dilmaya retreat. They have decent rooms and offer good view. In Nathang, ask for a guy called Amrit. He is a local there and drives tourist cars along the silk route. He is providing accommodation recently, and his place is one of the best you will get in Nathang, with modern amenities.
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Can you provide any contact number of Mr amrit?
Thank you so much
Hi Kasturi Places to Visit in Zuluk ( Old - Silk - Route) Thambi View Point - Zuluk ( Old- Silk - Route) ... Lungthang in Zuluk ( Old - Silk - Route) ... Kalipokhri Lake - Zuluk ( Old - Silk - Route) ... Old Baba Mandir or Adi Baba Mandir in Zuluk ( Old - Silk - Route) ... nathang valley in Zuluk ( Old - Silk - Route) ... Tukla Valley in Zuluk ( Old - Silk - Route)
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