Hi, The "Forum" page in Tripoto is a place where you can get answers from real time travelers from all over India. So keep in mind that the questions should be genuine and something you are seeking answer for. It cannot be random start of a conversation or statements. There are a lot of travelers who post their queries here looking for correct and quick answers from fellow travelers, so if we see anyone posting questions just to gain credits it will be deleted. Here are some things you can post in the forum: -Asking people to join you for any trip you are planning -You can ask for suggestions for a trip you are planning -Covid rules that are constantly changing
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You can ask for itinerary. You can ask for any Covid guidelines if you visit any state or city in covid. You can ask for any clarity of any particular city. Also you can ask "things to do / must visit places of any city, states"
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My one question also has been deleted