My first solo trip was to pondicherry. very chill place you can do cafe hopping , amazing food , churches , French colonies and ofcource beaches to lift ur mood up must try this out for your break
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What was your itenenary like? where did you stay? didn't you feel lonely at some point in the trip wishing you had company. how did you plan that out. how light were you travelling? days?
Very accurate, every person should at least get time for themselves once a year And when it comes to solo trips that to before starting your own work, then of should Definitely ..😊 I did Solo Trips too but my Favorite one was Dhanaulti which is very close to mussoorie..and if you are a mountain person you can try there beautiful snowy views along with adventures activities if you really wanna have look you can check out my Blog for Dhanaulti Https://
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Thx Sonam. I am still trying to get my head around the concept of a solo trip. I have travelled to Dallas and LA from India alone but it was on business. Did some short day trips alone in rented cars and stayed alone. I can vouch that the solo but gives you an opportunity to soak in the experience
Try Mahabaleshwar,it's fuffilled with beautiful nature,temple for holistic time, weather which will refresh your mind and soul
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Thx Hiba will read up further on this.
Alright man, traveling is a skill and when travelling solo for the first time, start small and simple, the first time I travelled solo, I simply went to Solan and Chail and slept at the bus stop like a maniac, never do that, there's a lot of great hostels available throughout, at cheap prices(plus you get to interact with new people) If you want to do a trek as well, I'd say Himachal , especially Manali, it acts a hub to countless places, you could cover the whole spiti circuit, and do some treks along the way like Bhrigu lake or lamadhug or visit places like lahaul try travelling in public transport, the experience is worth it. Also, another simple advice, travel light, and here's a list of things you should take 1. Sturdy shoes like trekking shoes(they last longer) 2.55-70Ltr Rucksack 3.Powerbank 4. A small towel 5. Major toiletries 6. medicines (Diamox just in case) 7. Flashlight with extra batteries 8. A trash bag so you don't have to throw anything out 9. A trekking pole(optional,but preferable for long walks)