The roads are okay. June month is good to visit kasol. If you are going by car, then you will have no difficulty reaching tosh from kasol. For the route, you can take Google map help or you can just ask the locals. Happy travelling !!
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Now the road is okay..!!
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Can we drive to tosh from kasol ?
Hi, the road conditions are find right now, but July expriences a lot of rain so do check the weather before going. In order to reach Tosh you will have to drive till Barshaini and from Barshaini you will have to trek for 2kms to reach Tosh. You can stay in the cool new age hostels cropping in Kasol like the hostellers and whoopers hostel
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Thankyou sir means a lot
If it's raining then I would suggest you no to go. Otherwise all good