Hey Ava, Places to be visited in or near Vizag; 1)Araku valley -82KM 2)Kailasagiri -15KM 3)Submarine museum -12KM 4)Rishikonda beach -21KM 5lKambalakonda wildlife sanctuary -17KM 6)Simhachalan temple -9KM 7)Ramakrishna beach -12KM Hope this would help you.
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Your welcome.
It surely would. Thank you so much
Hi, I'm attaching with this comment a perfect 3 day itinerary for Vizag. You can go through it and plan your trip.
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Thank you so much
Hi Ava, You can visit : Araku valley Simhachalan temple Ramakrishna beach Wild life sanctuary Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin
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Thank you so much Yasmin
Better try offbeat places. Because normal places are a bit crowded