Stay in Zostel Vagamon
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That's the spirittttt !!!!!
Visit Vagamon without staying in Zostel!? No way 😊
1. Vagamon Pine Forest 2. Marmala Waterfall 3. Thangal Para 4. Barren Hills 5. Vagamon Lake
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Hey thanks 😊
U must try Pine hill. This place has nothing for you to see but a lot to feel. 'Walking into the woods' is a popular English phrase and going to the Pine Hills, you will actually walk into the woods. Kurishumala ashramam. In the heart of the Sahya mountain range, this is another spot which makes up for a must see when in Vagamon. It is a monastery for the Christians who preach Christianity but also believe in Hindu spirituality. Barren hills. Barren Hills is a famous attraction with vast stretches of lush green meadows and is a treat to the eyes. The sunset view that it offers draws people in large numbers. Because of its terrain, the hills are famous for trekking, paragliding and rock climbing, making it a perfect attraction for adventure seekers. and dnt frgt to do Paragliding. :)
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Sure, thank you 😊
Most of the places are explored
You could get a fantastic paragliding experience in vagamon. Walk onto it's ostensible view points and you will find a bunch of adventurers helping travellers get a view of vagamon from high up above the sky. You can even record videos and click pictures while you are in the sky!
Hi Mon, We all know that, no need to introduce the beautiful land of green meadows,Vagamon to most of the travelers.However your experience in Vagamon can be different, travel mates can be different, places you visited itself can be different. All trips will have some important places in the bucket that needs to be covered, not all but most of them. Here are some of the famous places to visit in Vagamon which you should not miss there in your trip.