दिल्ली से ऋषिकेश बस के हिसाब से 400 से 1000 रुपये के बीच किराया पड़ेगा। फिर वहां से बस या कार से निकल सकते हैं। ऋषिकेश से भी इसी हिसाब से किराया लगेगा।
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Hi, Prashanth! The local bus fares vary from operator to operator and also on the basis of the kind of bus (luxury/semi-deluxe/volvo). For Delhi-Rishikesh, fares range from ₹295-800, approximately. For Rishikesh - Joshimath, there is only one state-run bus that departs from Rishikesh between 06:10 am - 06:30 am and the bus fare may range from ₹ 300 - ₹500. However, frequent taxis ply between Rishikesh and Joshimath at very decnt prices.
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400 to 1000 rs