Here are a few longest non stop flights Singapore to Newyork San Francisco to Bangalore Dubai Los Angeles Houston to Sydney
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Hey Sai, listed below are the few Longest Nonstop Flights in the World which include:- 1. Singapore to New York 2. Singapore to Newark 3. Perth to London 4. Melbourne to Dallas 5. Auckland to New York It is a known fact that any flight with more than 6 hours of flying time is considered long-haul, but for the question, how long can a plane fly nonstop, the answer depends on a variety of factors, including the aircraft’s size, its fuel efficiency, and its speed. As of now, the world’s longest flight travels close to 19 hours nonstop in the air. Moreover, 10 of the longest flights in the world today have a flight duration ranging between 17 h 30 m and 18 h 50 m. If you want more detailed info on it then check out:-
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India to Nepal