Hi Sambhaji The best hack for food while camping is to carry plenty of frozen meals or meals which only need hot water to be cooked. If you're not a fan of pre-cooked meals, carry food which is not easily perishable. Canned food, bread, jars of jam, trail mix are not easily perishable and can be carried. If you must cook food, carry aluminium foil. You can wrap food items such as fish or vegetables in the foil and put them in the campfire to be cooked. You can buy vegetables or frozen meat when you make pit stops. There are lots of camping stoves available which you can buy. A good camp stove will be windproof with a strong adjustable flame as well as portable. You can carry a light aluminium pot which will enable you to cook most things while keeping your load light. Do remember to clean up after you're done and pick up all your waste before you leave. I hope this helps!