You will experience Kufri nd Narkanda full of snow
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Hello Niharika, Kufri is a perfect hill station if you're an adventure freak. Adding to this, Narkanda will offer you a peaceful environment with a bird's eye view of valleys around. Some of the best places to visit in Kufri are Kufri Fun World, Himalayan Nature Park, Mahasu Park, Fagu, Mashobra and more. Things to do in Kufri includes yak or horse ride, skiing, tobogganing, retail therapy at the Main Bazaar and you can go for other snow sports. Some of the best places to see in Narkanda are Hatu Peak, Tani Jubbar Lake, Jor Bagh, Mahamaya Temple and Sutlej View Point while the list of things to do is a bit short. You can enjoy the snowfall, trek from Narkanda to Hatu Peak, laze around and rejuvenate in Narkanda during December. The temperature in Kufri and Narkanda drops down in December, leading to heavy snowfall and excellent conditions for skiing and other snow sports. It sounds fun to go for a bike trip to Kufri and Narkanda in December. However, due to heavy snowfall and wintery weather conditions, it is not advisable to take a bike trip to these destinations in December. The valleys are slippery and roads are riskier due to the seasonal conditions during December. However, you can opt for a taxi or self-drive car for a safer journey and instead make it a fun road trip! I hope this helps you! Thanks.
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Hii Niharika, I won't suggest u to go on bike ride.. though ppl are very efficient in clearing the roads but still there are chances of snowfall. and once u witnessed that it's better to go via xuv kinda vehicle.
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Okay thanks
No..i won't suggest you to go on bike ride.. .Because thought people are very efficient in clearing the roads but still there are chances of snowfall and rain also...
Hi, Niharika it might be not safe. But you should hire a bike if the weather will clear. Otherwise you can use the shared taxi to reach different places.