Protect purse,mobile,camera and offcouse yourself ,so raincoat & shoes.
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Water resistant shoes, a raincoat of course, some plastic protection gear for your mobile and camera. sunglasses and a hat. A waterproof bag. You can buy all this from Decathlon.
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Here i have shortlisted few things if it’s helps 1.gopro rugged protector 3.waterproof bag and rain cover 4.proper raincoat or poncho 5.dryfit clothes 6.microfiber towels 7.rugged speaker
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I haven't been to Nepal but walked hours in extreme rains many a time. a good quality rain jacket and a pant along with fully water proof shoes to cover yourself. I do not use dslr during the rains, so can't suggest, however phones are generally water resistant these days and I have used them without any issues. let me know if you want know the brand of shoes and raincoat i use during rains
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Carry a waterproof bad of premium quality
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