By getting into ither productive stuff like reading, sketching n all
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Yaa... but it's not possible to stay productive all time.
Before lock down I use to travel a lot, like mostly 3 trips a month. I just can never be home for much long. I get bored easily. During this lock down imagine a person like me who couldn't go out and it's almost been more than a month that I stepped out even for some walk or to a shop to get some chocolates. I am mostly in my room or go to balcony to gaze some stars,sun and moon. And you know I some how started loving being home. Initially I started admiring nature and enjoying the rains and the smell of soil when it rains, the Sunsets and the moon and the stars. Later I started with some hobbies that I always wanted to try but never did. I felt this is the right time. I started learning sketching, tried to dance and also I am trying to learn French. I am trying to follow a schedule every day where I do some exercise and have proper meals on time and also track the water intake. it's making me feel good about myself and keeping me positive. I am also watching some series or movies and also trying to be little away from social media. I think this will help me to be myself and keep me motivated to the new things that I'm trying to start. It actually feels good when you start loving yourself. And this is the right time to invest in yourself along with the work from home that we are supposed to do.
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Yaa, you have brought a very correct point, it's very difficult for a person who travels alot. and it's nice how people are coping up this. All the best buddy and let's pray together that this pandemic ends soon.
Reliving every memory ..
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Nice to hear this๐Ÿ˜‡
Just going through the old pictures from past travels and remembering and re-living those travels through pictures :). Also, listing what can be my next travels once the things re-open
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Yaa... planning for upcoming trip is the only thing which is bringing happiness now .
I am cherishing the Memories of the all the beautiful places I visited and trying new art and cooking new recipes.. Just a thought--- While on vacation,Jaha ho wahi ka maza lo.. Never run to just complete ur itenary planned, you may miss the joy of that place..
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Yaa.. otherwise in our busy schedules we would have never paid attention on our skills.
That's really grt n this lockdown gave us that time to look into ourselves n take out time for things which we always to do if we had time...
Yaa.. obviously... it's nice to know that one can do other things I always used to write stuffs... now I am working on poems and recording them in my own voice.
Hey there! I remind myself that this too shall pass. Wo kehte hain na, 'jaan hai yoh jahan hai' ๐Ÿ˜„ Don't give up on planning for trips! You can check out my blog about five ways that m dealing with this scarcity of travel by 'travelling from home'! ๐Ÿ˜„ Hope it would help you relive your travelling spree ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Surely will visit.
Reading travelogues and making itineraries for places to visit next
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Answering the questions here. Nothing left anymore.
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Most of the time I cooking my favorite dishes that i have picked up while travelling.
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Reading books and check my travelling albums and post my past traveling experience
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Yes.. now we don't have any other option other than going through old travel memories.
Started editing raw images and going through all old photos and videos
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Nice... Even I am doing the same .. clicking clicking and just clicking... u can check that on in my insta profile @travel__safari
Me also boring after lockdown planing you and me and some frnd go to hill station planing r u ready this is my number 9811356967
Getting lost in the old travel memories have a look on the pics and the videos and yes planning for the next.
In fact, more than ever, it is important to have a hobby to entertain yourself even if you have to sit at home conditionally. I think that this was and still is relevant to many people. I even found special essays on hobbies and realized that it is time to look for it in myself. It is through such materials that one understands the importance of finding a hobby for oneself. I recommend that you read it too. Good luck.