Well, if we can't go any where just buz of covid but we can see travel videos and also read travel stories. this is the only thing that we can do right now
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That's correct. We are aching to go out; that time will come soon.
I guess travel books are a great way to travel virtually.
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I understand it does but with the current situation, it’s pleasing to simply get outside of reality . Also virtual travel can help us choose the places we would like to visit when things get better.
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Exactly! The current situation is pushing us to find that comfort. But a lot of apps, website and VR startups are working in this direction. I am afraid if virtual travel becomes the normal.
Absolutely, doesn't make sense at all. The more I travel virtually, the more I wish to visit the places that I see on a daily basis.
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Haha! true. negative in a way... the lockdown is really testing our limits.
मौजूद समय में दिल बहलाने के लिए सही है...
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Accepting new trends in tourism is important. Imagine virtually you are jumping from Burj Khalifa in Dubai which actually you can't dare to do that in real. Its important to be part of any revolution and try to experience it. Real travel will be real and the emotions will be there but Virtual will have their own benefits.
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Good point Abhijit. 💯 agreed
I do feel it defeats the purpose of real travel, but it did help us stay sane for a while. It's good for getting a basic idea around the place but cannot replace travel for sure!
Technology trends in hospitality industryI think this can be a very good partial solution for some problems. For example, visiting some monuments, museums can be a very good idea with the help of VR technologies. But this cannot replace mountain climbing, surfing on a trip, socializing with other people, trying local dishes. I read in a post about the technologies that are so actively introduced into the travel industry, and VR was also