Best time to travel is May and June when the snow starts melting and roads are open. You can easily get bikes on rent.
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April to September is the best time to visit Ladakh. you can rent motorcycle in Delhi/Chandigarh/Leh itself depending on from where you want to start your travel.
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Hi, the best time to visit Ladakh would be around June-Aug. By mid-June, the snow starts melting and you can watch all the beautiful lakes in the area. Still, let me divide the months based on conditions in Ladakh: April - May: Snowfall stops, summers begin. Some snowfall-affected roads may still be closed. Max temp:15 degrees, Min temp: -1 degrees June-Aug: Peak tourist season. Expect great sights and heavy crowd. Max temp: 25 degrees, Min temp: 10 degrees Sep-Oct: Snowfall begins, cool waves in the region. Max temp: 14 degrees, Min temp: -1 degrees Nov-Jan: Freezing temperatures, only accessible through flights. Treks and some sights open for tourists. Max temp: 7 degrees, Min temp: -14 degrees Feb-Mar: Likely water and electricity shortage, gradual decline in temperatures.Various monastery festivals are held in this time. Max temp: 5 degrees, Min temp: -11 degrees. Hope this helps. :)
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Best time travel to Ladhak is May to Aug/Sep. pleasant weather with amazing view. Khardungala pass is where all pationate Riders must After going to Leh as well you can rent a Bike there.
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I guess august is the best month for a 'Road Trip'. however if u just want to visit ladakh then u should go in december.
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Bhai ji december tak ladakh jane wale sare raste snow ki wajah se bandh ho jate hai bike chalana possible nhi hota
I feel December would be the best month for t!
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Dear fellow traveler, September is one of the best time to go to Leh as this time offers some of the best sights of Ladakh and better road conditions (than amid the Monsoons). As the peak season (June-August) is over, now the rates of the hotel are decreased. The Ladakh temperature during this time is Maximum 21° C, Minimum 5° C. The climate is cool and wonderful chill begins to look in. It in some cases you can find snows amid late September. Get a chance to enjoy the crystal clear water with glimmering sunbeams falling over the surface and making it sparkle. Also at this time, the road conditions are much better than the usual. At times there can be snowfall which can cause a roadblock. Visit some of the best parts of this region like the mesmerizing Pangong Lake and enchanting Tso Moriri and get a chance to learn about the culture and the beauty of this region. Also visit the famous monasteries and the stupas here while you pass through the highest motorable road.