You can also opt for a desert camp stay if you want a unique experience. There are a lot of camps in Jaisalmer which you can explore online.
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You can choose any hotel having rooftop restaurant near Jaisalmer fort. You will be amazed by the night view of Jaisalmer fort.
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Desert camps are one of the best places to stay in Jaiselmer, you'll have a wonderful experience. They offer camel rides to the sunset point in the dunes, followed by coffee and snacks, then you get to experience folk dance and music and you can even dance with them. The tents are also very lavish with attached washroom.
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Hi Adrita, I have attached with this answer few options for you. You can click on them to find details about them and use the same link to book
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Hotel Rang Mahal Zostel Jaisalmer HosteLaVie Jaisalmer Hotel Helsinki House
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Hotel Tokyo and the Desert Pilgrim hostel is a good option with a nice rooftop restaurant and a pool
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Stay at rooftop restaurant in Jaisalmer fort