What is the best thing about to Banaras?

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Here are some best things about Banaras Witnessing evening Arti Taking holy bath in the Ganges Travelling to Sarnath Visiting Dashashwamedh ghat Tasting baati Chokha and kachori sabzi
Well .. ... according to my own experiences.. banaras is all about the ghats .. & narrow streets, delicious street foods, and afcourse baba vishwanath ( Kashi Vishwanath ) it's more 80 ghats in Kashi & every Ghat has its own history & charm you will see Life,s each and every colour on these ghats so try to visit all these ghats by feet ,. , try to roam in the narrow streets in the Kashi there are so many temples in these narrow streets , try to eat local delicacies Kashi chaat bhandar , Deena chaat bhandar is famous for chaats try to visit, newly Kashi Vishwanath corridor , ram Nagar fort ( Kashi Naresh fort ) , sarnath , BHU campus , etc
Banaras is Spiritual Capital of India You can explore Ganga Ghats Enjoy Ganga Arti Kashi Vishvnath Temple Sarnath Ramnagar Fort