March to May is the best season. Make sure you also visit Coonoor and experience the toy train.
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Sure and thanks
Yea its safe place for travel solo. You can capture great moments there.
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It's fun to travel solo to Ooty...I did last was awesome...12 degrees in day time...u can stay at zostel
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Thanks for suggestion🙂
It's absolutely ok to travel solo and anytime is great to visit
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Is it better to book a travel agent? or I can explore with the help of Google?
Yes absolutely. you can visit it during October November.
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Avoid during monsoons.
Will it be ok to visit by June July?
Like right now would be the best time to visit Ooty. And its definitely okay to travel alone. And if you're going there do not miss pykara falls.
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Pykra fall, interesting... thanks
You can visit Ooty any time of the year. Especially it's better you go between January to March. And it is totally safe to travel solo in Ooty. the people are quite friendly and safe and you'll have great fun there!
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Yes, no issues, there would be rather less tourists at that time although the weather might be a tad bit humid.
Thanks for that, can i plan in June or July, is it a worth?
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I am glad you liked it
Once i will visit this place , i will ask you more about this place😊
Wow, it's really awesome, thanks for sharing this, 😊
Ooty is a place you can go any time of the year but taking into consideration the weather change there feb-may should be good.
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Thanks, 🙂
Pre and post monsoon seasons are best to visit Ooty and it's a safe destination for solo travel